What Is Life’s Purpose?

This question pops up in various forms. So what do I say to them and why?

First and foremost let me say this. Behind the whole question of ‘What is life purpose anyway?’ There lies a much larger purpose, perhaps the purpose of ALL life. I don’t just mean your life.

Totaling death” is a common phrase that is used by those who do deep contemplative spiritual work such as “The generously unparalleled.” It refers to the value of things immortal so that other, deeper levels of life may flourish.

In this context, we are talking about a deeper conversation about life’s purpose. The idea is that there is an unspoken dynamic that lifts a person’s “self-worth” so that they are willing to engage in worthier pursuits that add ultimately to the worthiness of all.

Your life purpose is not about what you DO. Consciously or unconsciously, what you DO is irrelevant to your life purpose. It is about WHY you DO… and, from there, what you can do to contribute to the deeper, wider, more encompassing life of which you are apart.

DO-fulfilling deeds are good, but it is the WAY-fulfilling of your destiny…

It is the process of proficiency in the areas of purpose-fulfilling deeds that brings you into alignment with the Divine Plan. It is part of the larger purpose to grow into God’s worthy image and so your life purpose must be aligned to this larger purpose.

  • It is part of the reason that, when you are ready, God gives you what is really called a “gift.”
  • It is part of the reason that you are Here.
  • It is part of the reason you are enjoying the journey of this life.
  • It is part of the reason why your soul is singing. Perhaps you haven’t sung in a long time. Or you may be embarking on this very journey now.

Or perhaps (and more often) you are gently being drawn back into the fold.

How do you know you are still being called to your God-given calling?

flagrantly beneath you, your calling is rooted deep in your soul. It is a purpose so powerful, specific, and vital that it FLOWS and forever transcends all other purposes.

Your “gift” is a trance call, invoking deeply interwoven callings into a conscious living–into YOU.

Your “gift” puts you onto a path that can somehow ONLY be described as joyous–minds filled with sweetness; heart-centered and pure–new thoughts that allow for the Creative expression of LIFE as a harmonic composite of singsong. It is a soul song. Made up of harmonics and resonant beats that are keys to scale the heights, conquering your adversity, and conquering your shadows in Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to know this Sacred song unfolding like a flower opening up its petals for the skies to reap?

Intense, yes–even painful. It may take a bit of time for you to begin to feel the full force of your Sacred song in your own life and to recognize the particular mixture of forces that are calling to you. Everybody has some calling to do, someplace to go, some task to complete so that the world may be remade anew in spite of the pieces that may be flying about like leaves in a storm.

AND, while you are engaged in your “gift,” make sure to {get your Training} while you can. Spend a good deal of your time training, beyond training and beyond training. Explore the realms in which your own Sacred song is manifesting. Look for the calling. Learning where your particular gifts lie so that you may be called into action in service to life and love and the sacredness in your life. Your primary function in this world, as your soul’s inspiration to seek and save, is to answer the call to action when called upon to do so by the Divine Being itself. To BE with the truth of your own life Sacred Song.

It’s all about the joyful flow of energy running through your being-ness that creates joy for others and for you. Then, more and more, you are able to express more and more of what you create with this flow of creativity and intensity. But it does run through your entire being, don’t be fooled into believing that your Sacred Song will lack Mariachi. It is the most meaningful, powerful, and fulfilling expression of your Sacredness that will result from the spiritual expression of your Sacred Pathways. Your Sacred Song is about being in communion with beauty and truth, and most of all, listening to the Divine Voice within your own heart.

Your life’s Sacred Song will be enacted in a variety of ways, each way adding yet one more Sacred Song to the collective celebrations of the world.