How to Prepare For the Day

It’s Time to Prepare – Any Day Now Your Destiny Will Take You Places Č If you are immobile and things are not moving in your life it is because you are not at your place of destiny. There could be some movement that can be likened to that of one who is on a rocking chair, moving but not going anywhere. When you get into the ordained place you migrate from mere movement to progress. You have been going around the same mountain for too long. Destiny is progressive and it takes you through mountains and valleys but never plateaus, Examples abound of people who went through many valleys, toils, and snares but they went through. If you are going through something don’t stop. Where you will end up will become clearer if you keep walking. Are you working on your dream? Don’t stop, it will come to fruition. It is my assignment to share with you examples of people in the Bible whose destinies took them places so that you may be encouraged.

1. Joseph’s destiny took him into the uncomfortable position of being hated by his brothers in order for him to end in the palace via the pit and slavery and prison. He left a legacy in Egypt of resourcefulness, leadership, and integrity.

2. Moses’ destiny placed him in Pharaoh’s court miraculously before taking him to the backside of the desert to be mentored by Jethro his uncle in preparation for the work of delivering the children of Israel

3. Jesus’ destiny led him to die a painful death on the cross of Calvary in order to purchase salvation for anyone who wants to receive it. He became the only sacrifice in the universe provided by God for demonic possession.

4. Solomon’s destiny led him to build a kingdom the likes of which the world had never seen before in the history of the world. He left a legacy of wisdom, wealth, and leadership

The issues in your personal future can be resolved by you doing certain things. First Troubleshoot the source of your distress. Is it a feeling of being unloved? Or being misunderstood? Is it a feeling of being overwhelmed by a circumstance? It is so easy to announce to someone that we felt that way or felt that way. That will create a feeling. Once that is done, then we go to the Master of Miracles and Read the Word of God to us. Open it up and meditate on it. It will release the dream and give us some answers.

Then we go to the Master of Miracles and pray the necessary prayer to Him. And when it is the right time the answer will come. We see around us that there are many students who are in the same or similar situation and need our prayers. Pray for them, then take your leave of them and move on to someone else who is in a better position to help them.

Second, be patient with what is going on with the soul of another and me. One day we will have to stand before Kings and not only share what the Word of God has brought to us, but we will be the ones mediating the truth between our Heavenly Father and ourselves. We will be called “Promise Keepers.” Third, remember to have a blessed life now in order to give more to God later. We are only responsible for now – not to think too far forward. Always pray for the morrow – don’t worry about tomorrow.

Fourth, be diligent in applying the Word of God to your life – every day. Fifth, serve your fellow man. Always do what is right. Be kind. Help and ignore. Do not judge. Be cautious for what you say – be careful to cover your behinds. Always tell the truth and keep your mouth in shape for the truth. Remember vigilance is an act of kindness.

Worship the Lord of all things and serve Him with your soul.

Boulder your goals and dreams on the rock of reality.

  • Lift your chin high.
  • Do not fret.
  • Live! Live! Live!
  • Dream and treasure your life and call upon the Lord.
  • Content for the faith.
  • To put no confidence in the flesh – walk in the Spirit.
  • To be calloused to the kingdom of heaven – walk as if you were right with your creator.

And this is the covenant which He made with the fathers after the heavens were opened.