Are you looking for a church home?

A place of Christian worship?

A community with whom to serve God in this world?

Come & Worship with Us!

Praising, praying, singing, and seeking God on a daily basis

Come and find your faith home in the new heart of Tucson. We would love to have you come worship God with us as we grow in the Spirit.
God bless you,
– Rev. Joseph D. Thomas


9:00 – Contemporary Worship
Led by our talented and energetic Praise Team and Band.


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is at the heart of the Christian faith, making it one of our primary reasons for being: to grow and help others grow in God’s love and goodness. There are a myriad of ways to grow in your spiritual life and we would like to help you find the right way for you.

A healthy spiritual life needs an environment that encourages people to pursue faith through asking questions about God, encountering people of compassion who manifest the fruit of the spirit in their lives, and who are taught about submission and obedience to Jesus. In such an environment, such a church, people can practice the three-legged stool disciplines and grow in the grace and mercy of the savior.


Community Outreach

We believe that God has given us a mission to lift up those in our community. Please browse to see what our missions around Tucson are doing.

The work of the church should not be limited to the worship service, but our ministry must take place during the week. This is because the 1,000s of people we need to reach, do not come to our worship services. We need to accept that people are not coming to us we need to go to them.

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