Preparing Your Track for Audio Mastering

There are a lot of things you should first consider when sending your mix to a professional mastering engineer. It’s important to know how you can make your track as flawless as it can be.

Audio mastering is a lot more difficult than mixing, detailed sound and subtle features are only the few things that only audio mastering engineers can perfect. For this reason, not only should you find a reputable audio mastering services but also make sure your track is well constructed.

Make Sure You’re “DONE” with Your Mix

A lot of musicians take this lightly. You need to be absolutely sure that your track is ready. Audio mixing engineers won’t worry if you have very low vocals or if the bass is out of tune. Most of the time they do their best to make your mix sound authentic and unique, while not compromising your vocals. Make sure you’re done with the edits and you’re happy with your track before mastering, so that when your track is mastered, only small issues will be fixed – making your track sound perfect.

Finding a Reputable Audio Mastering Services

You can simply ask an advice to a friend or family to find online mixing mastering service or you can simply use the internet and search for audio mastering professionals like this website If you’re checking online, be sure to pick those that don’t have robots, algorithms or presets and comes with great reviews such as Club Can’t Handle audio mastering services. They listen to your track, feel it, understand it and take it to the next level.

Checking the Master Fader

Surely, your mastering engineer can’t edit your track if the master fader has already reached the maximum bus. If it’s already at its limit (always red), there will be no more headroom for mastering. Check if your fader isn’t overloading the master fader. The size of the headroom a mastering engineer wants may differ. For this reason, you have to ask them what or how he wants to reach the peak of the master.

Prepare Notes for Mastering

Talking to your mastering engineer about your references should be a common thing to do. Write down all the things you want your track to be, fades-in, big-bottom mixes, bright sound and so on. Make sure that they are clearly written and well described.

Final Reviewing

When everything is done and you get your tracks back, be sure to listen to it over and over again in different methods before sending feedback to the mastering engineer. Don’t expect so much from your track, if you gave it as rice don’t expect to receive corn, in other words, your mastered track will surely sound different from your mix. Always keep your expectations sensible and on point with what you have given to the mastering engineer.

If you find something you don’t like on your track, think it over for a day and contact your mastering engineer to discuss. Like Club Can’t Hear Music Mastering Service  ,  they are happy to revise few edits and fixes. And don’t forget to enjoy your track once it’s finished!